Used Book Buyback Program

Used Book Buyback Program Information 

Saturdays: By appointment only
Please email Brooke at


Our used book buyback program gives you the opportunity to trade in your gently used books for store credit. However, we cannot take every book that comes in to the store. We will assess books brought into the store and buy the ones that fit our needs. You will receive store credit based on the condition and value of the book. Books originally bought at our store will receive more buyback credit. Below is the criteria for what we buy and don’t buy. Please use this to sort your books before you bring them in.

We Buy: -Fiction - Nonfiction - Kids - YA -Comics/Graphic Novels - CDs/Audiobooks

We are most interested in literary fiction, children’s books, scholarly press, history, cooking, scifi/fantasy, and audiobooks.

We Don’t Buy: - Books in poor condition - Serial Romances - Textbooks - Tech Manuals - “Blank” for Dummies style books - Reader’s Digest Condensed - Old Encyclopedias - Lab Manuals - Library books, current or discarded - Study Guides - Bibles - Books that are out of date; including: older technology books, older travel guides, fad health books, or other books with outdated information

We can only make offers in person and ask that you wait in the store while we asses your books. We can only offer store credit. For the books we cannot buyback we suggest donating them to Goodwill, at either their Evanston or Skokie Location, Or Brown Elephant in Andersonville. If you have more than 3 boxes of books or have rare and vintage books, please email Brooke at to make an appointment!