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Everyman's Hardcover Classic 12 Book Subscription


Everyman’s Classics are beautifully bound hardcover editions by classic authors that the lucky recipient will be proud to display on their bookshelves. Some contain just one featured work, others have multiple works. The selection in this subscription may include favorite titles, the lesser-known works by favorite authors, or new and unfamiliar works and authors.One book will be shipped out or be available for pickup from the store each month for one year.  A sample selection below (actual selection will be made by Bookends & Beginnings):

P.G. Wodehouse The Best of Wodehouse
Boris Pasternak Doctor Zhivago
Joseph Heller Catch-22
Jorge Luis Borges Ficciones
Junichiro Tanizaki The Makoia Sisters
Thomas Mann Buddenbrooks
James Joyce Ulysses
Virginia Woof Mrs. Dalloway
Toni Morrison Beloved
Alice Munro Carried Away
F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise
Albert Camus The Plague, The Fall, Exile and the Kingdom, and Selected Essays

List price: $460.00
Price: $460.00