Everyman's Hardcover Children's Classic 12 Book Subscription


There are some books that just should be in every child’s library—especially in beautiful hardcover Everyman’s Library editions, which will be treasured for a lifetime! One book will be shipped out or be available for pickup from the store each month for one year. A sample selection below (actual selection will be made by Bookends & Beginnings):

Hans Anderson Fairy Tales
Francis Burnett The Secret Garden
Louisa May Alcott Little Women
Joseph Jacobs English Fairy Tales
L.M. Montgomery Anne of Green Gables
Carlo Collod Pinocchio
Johann Wyss The Swiss Family Robinson
Aesop Fables
Jim Barrie Peter Pan
Daniel Dufoe Robinson Crusoe
Hans Anderson The Snow Queen
Lancelyn Green King Arthur & His Knights of the Round Table

List price: $280.00
Price: $280.00