Small Business Saturday November 30!

Small Business Saturday at Bookends & Beginnings is always a time to celebrate our own community with festive events and author appearances. Locally-owned businesses generate substantially more economic benefit to the local economy than chain or online businesses!

The Genius BookCase (Yearly)


The Genius Case has been curated to inspire intellect, foster learning, and keep that youthful spirit of curiosity ageless. You’ll receive a hand-picked assortment of items that will bring out your inner genius: brain teasing puzzles, witty gifts, challenging word games, a riddle handwritten by Josiah meant to test your literary mettle, and pocketsize books on a wide range of subjects like Oxford’s Very Short Introduction series that will slowly transform you into a “know-it-all.”


Curated by Josiah

Dimensions: 12 in × 9 in × 2 in