Daniel Joshua Rubin’s Story Principles -- A Four-Week Workshop

A Bookends University Workshop

27 Essential Principles of Story: Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling,  from Shakespeare to South Park - Kindle edition by Rubin, Daniel Joshua.  Reference Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.In this four-part, interactive online workshop for writers in all media, you will learn how to become a more confident, inspired, authentic storyteller. This is old-school, classic dramatic structure. By this we mean crafting a powerful beginning, building tension, and ending with a resonant climax. You will learn how to leverage the principles of plot, character, setting, dialogue and theme to realize your vision. The idea here is to give you enough structure to stay on track but not so much it strangles your creativity. Rubin will introduce each principle, detail the mechanics and then show you how master storyteller Francis Ford Coppola executed the principle in The Godfather I and II. This workshop is a strong introduction for rookies and will help veteran writers get back to basics. Rubin is a charismatic and entertaining lecturer whose two-minute drills will help you develop a more productive, enjoyable, insightful process, and learn how to consistently make intelligent decisions that are aligned with the truth as only you see it.


Preparation: Please watch The Godfather I and II prior to the workshop and come prepared with pen, journal, and a commitment to finish an inspired story in any media.


Tuition: $225. This includes a copy of Daniel Joshua Rubin’s book, 27 Essential Principles of Story, which you can pick up in the store or have mailed to you.


Daniel Joshua Rubin is a multimedia writer and story scholar who provides consulting and education to storytellers in all media. His critically acclaimed book. 27 Essential Principles of Story: Master the Secrets of Great Storytelling, from Shakespeare to South Park (2020, Workman Publishing), has won endorsements from actor, Paul Giamatti, Tony and Pulitzer Award-winner, Tracy Letts and has been hailed as “The new bible of lessons and practices for creators” by Library Journal.He has taught dramatic writing at Loyola University in Chicago, and at the University of California, San Diego, and has written for television (NBC, the WB); new media (The Motley Fool, National Lampoon); and theater (with plays produced at Steppenwolf in Chicago, off-Broadway in NYC, and on the West End of London). Born and raised in Brooklyn, Rubin lives in Evanston after a decade in Los Angeles. He holds an MFA in Playwriting from the Yale School of Drama, where he graduated with honors.


Event Dates: Course meets four consecutive Tuesdays:

October 4 (6-8 pm) - Introduction to the Essential Principles of Plot

October 11 (6-8 pm) - Introduction to the Essential Principles of Character

October 18 (6-8pm) - Introduction to the Essential Principles of Setting, Dialogue and Theme

October 25 (6-8) - Story Builder Workshop, putting it all together to build a successful outline.

Event date: 
Tuesday, October 4, 2022 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
Evanston, IL 60201