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would you rather: game for kids boys and grils any child (Paperback)

would you rather: game for kids boys and grils any child By Sofiul Publisher Cover Image
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All players pick between two equally outrageous and unlikely situations that each person might give a different answer to. It's perfect for game nights, parties, traveling, and just about any time you want to connect with family and friends
How do you play?
Take turns reading the Would You Rather Questions aloud, then voice your pick and in the goofiest way possible, explain 'why' you chose that one If your answer and explanation get a laugh, then mark down that laugh point At the end of the game.

Would You Rather? Made You Think features:

- Family time away from screens. 62+ age-appropriate questions, ranging from the mind-boggling to the totally gross
- Classroom fun. These questions can be used to increase student engagement, practice reading
- Tons of fun for everyone in the family
- Levels organized by difficulty. As kids complete the levels, the next questions get harder

Product Details
ISBN: 9798528712192
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 29th, 2021
Pages: 64
Language: English