Between Two Shores (Paperback)

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This is a story which begins in California and ends in China. It is a detective tale with a subtle love interest. Victor Lin, a Chinese-American died in mysterious circumstances on a trip to the Thousand Island Lake south of the city of Hangzhou. His wife Anne Gavin, an Irish-American, went to China to find out what really happened. In the course of her investigation, she teamed up with David Han, an academic from Hong Kong who also lost his sister in the same "accident". As the story unfolds, the reader is treated to an exploration of the Chinese mind torn between two cultures - the native Chinese culture and the culture of the West.

At one level, this is a story about corruption, obsession, and the quest for closure. But running through the story is the soul-searching of David Han and the identity crisis he was going through. In the course of telling the story, Between Two Shores takes the reader behind the shroud that hides the Chinese persona and reveals the fears, aspirations, frustrations and underlying beliefs of the Chinese people. It splits open the archetypal "Chinese characteristics" to reveal the deep-seated motivations which underpin Chinese behavior. It is a very revealing book and goes to depths never before explored.

About the Author

Tsim Tak Lung writes under the name of T. L. Tsim. He read English literature at the University of Hong Kong and politics at the University of Manchester. He started his writing career at The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong with a column called One Man's View . He also writes in the Chinese language and had, for many years, a weekly column in The Hong Kong Economic Journal. His Chinese essays on politics and culture were subsequently published in a series of six volumes entitled From Culture to Civilization (Oxford University Press in Hong Kong). He is also a broadcaster and political commentator and his most recent interview on Canada's Real Vision Finance, Will the Hong Kong protests result in civil war? has attracted over 450,000 viewers worldwide.
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ISBN: 9789882372375
ISBN-10: 9882372376
Publisher: Chinese University of Hong Kong Press
Publication Date: March 8th, 2022
Pages: 280
Language: English