Gold in the Vineyards: Illustrated stories of the world's most celebrated vineyards (Hardcover)

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About the Author

A Harvard and Stanford trained biologist and physician, Dr. Laura Catena was born into one of the world’s great wine families. In her journey to elevate Argentine wine, Laura became obsessed with understanding what lies behind the most collected wines in the world. After publishing Argentina’s definitive wine guide, Vino Argentino (Chronicle Books, 2010), Laura began to put together the materials for a book that would highlight the historical circumstances and relevant vineyard details that are at the core of the world’s most iconic wines. This book is the result of 25 years of Laura’s research into wine history, interviews and meetings with the world’s best-known wine families, and vineyard studies at the Catena Institute of Wine, which she founded in 1995. Dr. Laura Catena has been named one of the top 25 wine innovators by Grape Collective, and has been an invited speaker at Wine Spectator’s New York Wine Experience, the Nantucket Food and Wine Festival, the Naples Winter Wine Festival, the MUST Summit, the Master of Wine Symposium, the American Society of Wine Educators, the Decanter Fine Wine Encounter in London and Shanghai, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Vancouver Playhouse, among others. She has appeared in Oprah magazine as one of the World’s Top Women Vintners. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Food & Wine Magazine, Decanter, and The Economist 1843 magazine, among others. She has a robust social media following on Instagram (@LauraCatenaMD) and Twitter (@lauracatena).

Praise For…

"The book is for all ages—and includes stories and facts that will surprise any wine lover. It covers a dozen wineries—including a brief, intriguing history of each, as well as including maps and illustrations that highlight details such as average bottle cost and percentages of grape types within icon wines…..To be enjoyed by any combined oenophile/bibliophile."
- Tom Mullen,

Gold in the Vineyards, is a charmingly illustrated study of twelve of the world’s most iconic wineries — a result of 25 years of research, vineyard studies and discussions with families who make some of the greatest wines in the world. Gold in the Vineyards would be an ideal gift for wine lovers and history buffs.

- The Wine Chef-

Catena's childhood passion for illustrated books was the inspiration for Gold in the Vineyards, and the book is a culmination of 25 years of painstaking research and numerous discussions with families who make some of the world's greatest wines.

- Grape Collective-

By presenting the behind-the-scenes of the most famous wines in the world, both in prose and illustration, Laura Catena aims to capture all the romance in a better way and allows readers to dream and fantasize.
- Cathy Huyghe, Forbes-

Catena gives an engaging, minimalist account of renowned wineries and vineyards, including, of course, her family’s Adrianna Vineyard in the Andes foothills of Mendoza in Argentina. Drawings and infographics provide as much information as text — the modern way to impart knowledge in the age of short attention spans and twitchy fingers. And yet, Catena catches the classic elements: ambition, hardship, even sex and violence when she describes the scandalous connection of Tuscany’s Antinori wine dynasty with the Medicis in 16th century Florence. Great fodder for your next dinner party.
- Dave McIntyre, The Washington Post-

Decanter recommends Gold in the Vineyards for “Virtual Wine Learning.” Dr. Laura Catena’s gorgeously illustrated book, Gold in the Vineyards, also highlights foundational stories of love, loss, and viticultural magic through 12 of the world’s most famous vineyards.
- Decanter-

Gold in the Vineyards entertains, informs, encourages and inspires. Highly recommended for young and old alike.
- The Wine Economist-

Gold in the Vineyards is amazing and should be on every wine lover's Christmas list this year!
- Lauren McPhate, Tribeca Wine Merchants-

Laura Catena takes the reader for a journey to the best wines in the world and explains why Family and Terroir are the cornerstones of these wines.
- Deutsch Journal-

The book profiles 12 different vineyards, located in both the New and Old World, charting their history and explaining why they have become so well-known. It also comes with detailed maps, infographics and charming illustrations throughout. Perfect for a stealing a moment in the garden, on the balcony, or leaning out of the window of your London flat with with a glass of good claret and pretending you’re somewhere else.
- The Drinks Business-

These charmingly illustrated stories on twelve of the world's most celebrated vineyards say more about the people who created and continue them than about the wine, for if the people had not come first, the wine would not be with us today. This book is enchanting, enhancing, insightful and delightful, for Laura Catena has stepped through the looking glass to these estates to give us wonderland.
- Steven Spurrier, Journalist Behind the 1976 Judgement of Paris-
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Publication Date: March 10th, 2020
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