Functional Surfaces in Biology: Little Structures with Big Effects Volume 1 (Paperback)

Functional Surfaces in Biology: Little Structures with Big Effects Volume 1 By Stanislav N. Gorb (Editor) Cover Image
By Stanislav N. Gorb (Editor)
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Introduction: Surface Properties and their Functions in Biological Systems.- Protection and Defence.- Biological Properties of Fruit and Seed Slime Envelope: How to Live, Fly, and Not Die.- Easily Damaged Integument of Some Sawflies (Hymenoptera) is Part of a Defence Strategy Against Predators.- Anti-wetting.- Water Repellence in Gecko Skin: How Do Geckos Keep Clean?.- Anti-Wetting Surfaces in Heteroptera (Insecta): Hairy Solutions to Any Problem.- Water Repellent Properties of Spiders: Topographical Variations and Functional Correlates.- Dry in the Water: The Superhydrophobic Water Fern Salvinia - a Model for Biomimetic Surfaces.- Brochosomal Coatings of the Integument of Leafhoppers (Hemiptera, Cicadellidae).- Transport.- Pull, Push and Evaporate: The Role of Surfaces in Plant Water Transport.- Aerodynamics.- Molding and Carving Cell Surfaces: The Joke of a Fold and the Origin and Evolution of Feathers.- Acoustics.- Surface Structure of Sound Emission Organs in Urania Moths.- Sensory Systems.- Functional Coupling of Cercal Filiform Hairs and Campaniform Sensilla in Crickets.- Optics.- Advanced Photonic Systems on the Wing-Scales of Lepidoptera.- Sub-micron Structures Causing Reflection and Antireflection in Animals.- Surface Colors of Insects: Wings and Eyes.- Butterfly Photonics: Form and Function.
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