Coloured Sheep: a colour genetics primer (Paperback)

Coloured Sheep: a colour genetics primer By Irina Boehme, Saskia Dittgen Cover Image
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Some skill, some luck and lots of fun: sheep colour genetics is like a game of cards This book explains the rules of the game.

Assuming no previous knowledge, the book uses a game of cards to visualise the rules that govern colour genetics, introducing terminology on the way. What are genes and alleles? What is the phenotype of a sheep? What the genotype? The reader is introduced to agouti-pattern, base colour, and spotting and strategies are shown to identifiy them in the reader's own flock. This knowledge is expanded to show how it can be used to plan breeding for certain colours. More genes that influence colour are introduced later in the book and thought is given to preserving diversity within a breed while strategically increasing the presence of desirable traits in a flock.
The book focuses on practical aspects. How to identify genotypes? Which animals should be used for test breeding? How can the knowledge be used for individual goals?

Written by a molecular biologist and science communicator and co-written by a professional editor of scientific textbooks - both of them breeders of coloured sheep - this book uses an easily understandable approach to explaining colour genetics.

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ISBN: 9783982076102
ISBN-10: 3982076102
Publisher: Irina Boehme
Publication Date: March 16th, 2019
Pages: 138
Language: English