Chess: Master The Art Of Checkmate - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide Into The Ancient Game of Chess (Paperback)

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A comprehensive complete guide for serious chess enthusiasts.

Are you striving to become a solid chess player without having to go through dozens and dozens of overly complicated chess-books?

Are you looking for concise, effective and no-BS advice to quickly learn the Art of Checkmate and quickly start winning chess games with your friends and family?

Are you looking for one single primer which can take you from an absolute newbie to a fairly competitive chess player?

If so, this is the book you have been waiting for.

Familiarize yourself with the most crucial aspects of chess, understand the "strategic thinking" behind the game and master the dynamics of the different phases in the game.

Many beginners consider a chess match as one homogeneous process whereas every seasoned chess player knows that there are at least three phases (the opening, middlegame, and endgame) that follow different dynamics and require different tactics to win the match.

Only if you master the dynamics in these phases and understand the overall strategy of a game you will claim victory.

The more than 560 pages in this book will be the only source you'll ever need to quickly kick-start your chess career. Among many other topics you'll learn here:

  • The ancient origins of chess and how it evolved over time
  • How each piece moves and how to apply the basic rules
  • The most successful chess strategies to dominate every game
  • How to apply superior opening tactics and strategies to win every game
  • How to craft a superior middlegame plan to prepare for a successful endgame
  • To deliver the final strike when the two fighting minds reach the decisive phase of endgame

If you apply the tricks and traps from this book you will win every play and beat all your unsuspecting foes. Master the Art of Checkmate and crush your opponents.

If you want to become a competitive chess player then don't wait any longer and get this book.

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ISBN: 9783907269169
ISBN-10: 3907269160
Publisher: Grey Candle Publishing
Publication Date: October 10th, 2019
Pages: 566
Language: English