Social Skill: This Book Includes: (1) Social Anxiety (2) Self-Confidence (3) Emotional Intelligence (Paperback)

Social Skill: This Book Includes: (1) Social Anxiety (2) Self-Confidence (3) Emotional Intelligence By Wallace Foulds Cover Image
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An Introvert's Step By Step Guide to Overcome Social Anxiety, Shyness and Low Confidence - Accept Yourself Without Giving Up Who You Are

Do you feel scared to participate in the simplest social encounters?

Do you experience extreme persistent fear of being watched, scrutinized or judged by others, which leads to feeling of inferiority, inadequacy and embarrassment?

If you notice that your avoidance of the object of fear is interfering with your normal routine or causing significant distress and holding you back from doing things, it may time to seek help.

Overcoming social anxiety may not be an easy task, but it is very much possible. This book is designed as a step-by-step guide to overcome social anxiety and shyness using the most powerful self-help strategies. No matter how severe you think your condition is, you can eliminate or significantly limit your social anxiety by applying the methods included in this book.


A 21-Day Challenge to Develop Confidence, Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Become Irresistible & Courageous

Are there other ways to describe how you feel most of the time?

  • Do you have self-doubt?
  • Do you have performance anxiety?
  • Do you have a fear of failure?

All of these things tie to a lack of self-confidence.

Most importantly, are your ambitions, hopes, and dreams hampered and on hold because of something in your belly that tells you to escape to the clear instead of face challenges that would propel you to new levels?

The ability to be self-assured is somewhere inside of you, but you are not able to follow your dreams because you do not know the rules of that tricky game called confidence. Clearly, self-confidence comes natural to some people and requires little effort on their part to display it, but for the rest of us, there are hurdles to negotiate and walls to dismantle before we find the freedom to pursue our goals with self-assuredness.

Over the course of 21 days, this book delivers a plan for you to gain self-confidence and keep it. The objective is to change the way you think by introducing you to the secret rules of self-confidence. You will develop "psychological flexibility," which allows you to respond in a positive way to anxiety, fear, and self-doubt. Through the measures found in reading forward, you will improve your life physically, mentally, creatively, socially, and professionally.


Improve Your Social Skills, Control Your Emotions & Handle Difficult People

Emotional intelligence has been proven impactful for decades, and philosophized for centuries, as a prudent way to get ahead of your competition as you ascend to leadership positions. In addition, it improves your mental health and emotional stability, and your personal relationships.

Keep practicing. Emotions should always work FOR YOU, not against you. There is no need to counterattack every attack against you, or declare yourself a victim of someone else's horrible scheme against you.

You must own your emotions and use them for the good of your own health and personal successes. Do not be troubled by the low EQ of the people around you. Rise above it all on wave of emotional intelligence.

In this book, we will discuss how you can train yourself to have a higher Emotional Quotient (EQ), learn where you can apply it for maximum benefit, and how to determine whether or not it is being practiced against you for dark purposes by the antisocial members of our society.

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