Epic Legacy Campaign Codex (Hardcover)

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Epic Legacy is 2CGaming's Epic level expansion to 5th Edition. Following the tradition of older editions, we envisioned tiers of play above 20th level and brought them to life in the form of the successfully crowdfunded Epic Legacy Core Rulebook. After thousands of hours of development, play testing, and an awesome community at our backs, we delivered the ultimate Epic-level 5E experience which has received critical acclaim throughout the RPG sphere. This system empowers both Players and DMs to take their 5th Edition game to the literal next level, and hundreds of adventurers and DMs wove Epic tales of wonder and glory.

With Epic Legacy you can advance PCs to 30th level through the awesome power of Epic Prestige classes that compliment every base class, cast world shattering spells, face down gods and monsters of incalculable strength, and many many more epic experiences that can't be found anywhere else in 5th Edition. That is why we knew we had to come back and push this awesome system even farther by creating the Epic Legacy Campaign Codex. This project seeks to both build upon the rules presented in the Epic Legacy Core Rulebook while providing 5th Edition gamers of all stripes a platform to launch their most epic campaign yet. Whether you are new to Epic Legacy or a grizzled veteran back for more, we welcome you to explore and share all this incredible system has to offer.

At 2CGaming we are always trying to innovate on our presentation, so when we decided to expand upon the Epic Legacy system we knew we couldn't just an expansion. We needed something new, a worthy vehicle to deliver that not only empowered the reader with new Epic Legacy content, but upgraded its presentation and format. That vehicle is Nexus, The City of Legends; a campaign springboard that seamlessly integrates new content into its streets and people.

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ISBN: 9781946678188
ISBN-10: 194667818X
Publisher: 2cgaming, LLC.
Publication Date: May 16th, 2020
Pages: 230
Language: English