On the Back of Our Images: (1991-2005) (Paperback)

On the Back of Our Images: (1991-2005) Cover Image
By Luc Dardenne, Jeffrey Zuckerman (Translator)
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On the Back of Our Images, Vol. 1: Diaries 1991-2005

Chicago small press darlings, Featherproof Books, have gained the rights to the diaries of Luc Dardenne - one half of the prolific French-Belgian film duo The Dardenne Brothers. With his older brother, Jean-Pierre, Luc has written and directed films since the late 80's culminating in two Palme d'Ors from Cannes and many other international awards for film. This book includes the diaries of Luc recorded from 1991 to 2005 as well as three screenplays from the Brothers' filmography. Luc's diaries cut with a double edge, as they serve the reader insights into the process of Luc's own process and function as a guide for any artist working in any medium trying to parse intent, influence, and inspiration in their own work. The Dardennes' films often portray lower and working-class nobodies struggling against the seemingly arbitrary opressions of their culture's status-quo. Luc's diaries speak directly to this dynamic. From entry to entry, the reader sees how a master-at-work becomes embroiled in the world around him - from news of the day to interpretations of biblical tales to quotes pulled directly from books, plays, poems, and films. On The Back of Our Images is a relic for anyone interested in the duel an artist has with themselves and a profound look into the mind of a living film legend

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Luc and Jean-Pierre Dardenne are giants in contemporary world cinema, steadfastly radical in both principles and approach. Their films tackle social and political issues by focusing keenly on the intimate stories of individuals locked into their fates by unjust systems. Now available for the first time in English, this two volume set collects over 20 years of Luc's journals as the brothers work through their films, along with the shooting scripts of these films.
For creative people in any discipline, this is the document of a master artist's mind at work, measuring sustained introspection against true and constant engagement in the lived world.
Filmmakers will get extended lessons on conceptualization, collaboration, and execution. Students and fans of contemporary cinema will gain insight to the thought and effort that's behind each image.

About the Author

Since the 1970's, Luc Dardenne and his brother Jean-Pierre have jointly produced highly-original and ethically-charged films that immerse their audiences in an intense and embodied viewing experience. Their work has consistently attracted international recognition, including the rare feat of two Palmes d'Or awards at the Cannes Film Festival.
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