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Most Lawyers Are Liars The Truth about LLC's - C Corporations - S Corporations and 501 3 C's (Paperback)

Most Lawyers Are Liars The Truth about LLC's - C Corporations - S Corporations and 501 3 C's By The Money Guy, The Tax Guy Cover Image
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Warning Entrepreneurs

This book has the ability to motivate, create focus, create goal setting, change your life, create accomplishments, and get you to take action over your life. Results may vary. Please read with caution.

The is the first book in the series on the subject matter of the different types of corporations. This is a must-read if you plan on going into business or wish to expand your business knowledge. The book is overflowing with in your face explanations of the different types of businesses without any holding back. The book covers Limited Liability Companies, S- Corporations, C-Corporations, and Non-Profits. It shows how they are set up, function, file taxes, and run to ensure your brand thrives rather than merely survives. More importantly, they teach you how to make money the way only multi-millionaires and billionaires know how - until now.

The Money Guy has worked in venture capital for over 25 years, successfully working with over 18,000 businesses. The Tax Guy has filed over 30,000 tax returns ranging from small businesses to billion-dollar corporations. Together, they have over 50 years' experience and a wealth of knowledge poured into the pages of this book. Only a limited number of copies are being printed, so catch one if you can at bookstores now...

If you follow the information within this book, there is a good chance we'll see you at the bank.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781939670496
ISBN-10: 1939670497
Publisher: Don't Read in the Dark Publishing
Publication Date: January 25th, 2022
Pages: 24
Language: English