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The Long Road To Grafton: A Genealogy of Thomas Eastman Shoveller (Paperback)

The Long Road To Grafton: A Genealogy of Thomas Eastman Shoveller By Tracy P. Rockwell Cover Image
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The Pacific was the last of the oceans to be explored, a vast area of water dotted with islands, the least known, yet the most romantic. Out of that great ocean appeared an inconspicous vessel called the "Eclair," which entered Port Jackson on the 23rd September 1851 and sailed slowly up Sydney Harbour, before dropping anchor in Neutral Bay. The small 50 ton schooner had sailed all the way from San Francisco via Honolulu and the Isle of Pines with just four passengers, in addition to the master and crew. One of those lucky voyagers was 24 year old Thomas Eastman Shoveller, who was destined to become a pioneer of the Northern Rivers region of NSW, and the developing settlement of Grafton.This story traces a genealogical journey through the ancestry of Thomas Eastman Shoveller (1827-1908), and covers the hereditary and ancestral families of Shoveller, Bignell, Eastman and Sabine in detail, examining the lives of his known forebears along the way. The work methodically explores each of the hereditary branches, highlights significant individuals and describes what is known to date of the forebears as well as the life, love and descendants of Thomas Eastman Shoveller.The process described in this book is a narrative history and it tells some of the great stories of these families, which mostly took place between the age of enlightenment about 1750, and World War I. But this is also a book written to entertain, and it spans great events such as the industrial revolution, the French revolution, the Napoleonic era, as well as the Victorian and Edwardian periods.

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ISBN: 9781925909081
ISBN-10: 1925909085
Publisher: Ashnong Pty Ltd T/As Pegasus Publishing
Publication Date: November 18th, 2022
Pages: 366
Language: English