Chess for beginners: A Practical Guide to Learn How to Play Chess From Zero and Choose the Winning Strategies (Paperback)

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How to play chess for beginners can be learned at most in an hour, but HOW CAN YOU PROGRESS? How can you play chess WELL? It is perhaps one of the oldest board games in the world, but still remains among the most beloved. The difficulty lies not only in eating the king of the opponent, but in understanding HOW TO DO IT.. why? Because there are more than a thousand combinations to do it, and not having a good tactic will only lead to insured failure. This very simple and smooth manual will allow both beginners and those who are already a player with a bit of experience to learn all the basic tactics to become a real champion. It's true, there are many rules to follow and at first it may seem difficult, but it's all a matter of habit, commitment and constancy adding a hint of rationality. Many studies, in fact, say that the benefits that chess brings to our personal growth are concrete and fundamental even in everyday life. They help, for example, to strengthen your memory, to increase your logic, to increase your patience and to make you think more critically.

From "Chess for Beginners" you will learn:

-The history of chess;

-Its rules;

-Winning techniques;

-The best chess opening moves;

In short, now that you know how important it is also for a personal curiosity, a simple pastime or to compete at a competitive level.. If you want to understand how this beautiful sport movement after movement works and learn all the tricks you absolutely have to take advantage of this deal It will change all your beliefs and bad habits that you don't think you have but instead don't allow you to improve. BUY THIS BOOK NOW and start discovering everything that no one wants to teach you

Here the introduction of the book:


Today chess are still a classic and remains one of the most popular strategy games of all, both big and small Did you know that education ministers are encouraging their introduction into schools around the world and that many TV series are inspired by them? Yes, because they are not just a game, but much more From them you learn many important lessons, for example: to stimulate thought, to strengthen memory, to develop concentration, to respect the rules and to accept loss. For this, I think they will remain forever an evergreen In short, the benefits that chess brings to our personal growth are really many and even if initially it may seem difficult or impossible to learn to play, I assure you that is not at all so Have you ever wondered if there is some trick to becoming good or if there are particular techniques to implement to win? Well yes, there are many and in this book we will enter the heart of the world of chess to learn everything that no one wants to teach you Logic, as I said before, plays a fundamental role in this context so be prepared to open your minds to assimilate all the concepts I'm going to explain.

If you think they are not for you because you do not feel up to it, do not be afraid Intelligence in the game of chess comes after experience. If you try to teach a genius the rules of chess and have him play with a normal person who has been playing for years, the genius will surely lose. This is why beginners improve very quickly, thanks to experience Remember, however, that if you think that thanks to this manual you will quickly become champions you are very wrong I can only assure you that I can give you the means to deal with this process of assimilation in a simpler and more effective way, but as for the results, these will depend exclusively on your will, on you and on your determination

Are you ready? Let's start.

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Publication Date: December 6th, 2020
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