An Army of Two (Paperback)

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By Brad Smith, Othello Lofton (Narrated by), David Heath (Executive Producer)
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The Soviet Invasion Continues

First Lieutenant Darren White is trapped behind enemy lines with the remnants of his cavalry troop. Together with his second-in-command, Maurice Fitzgerald, he waits for the right opportunity to strike back at the Russians in occupied West Germany. As they conduct joint operations with a Special Forces team in the Fulda Gap, a terrible secret is uncovered. The Soviets have found a sure-fire way to win the war. It's up to White and Fitzgerald to stop them. A daring operation might just be enough to make or break the Soviet war effort in Fulda. Will Fitzgerald and White's personal differences doom the attempt?

Sergeant Will Harland is an Abrams tank gunner who wakes up in a Russian prison camp. Each day is a battle for survival. When he is "volunteered" to work at the local field hospital, a Russian doctor takes him under his wing. Harland discovers that a high-ranking American colonel under his care will be sent east to be tortured for vital information. To save him, Harland must give up his own chance at escape. Will he go with his conscience or give in to self-preservation?

"What do you have for me?"

"T-62. Range...580."

White gave him the all-clear and the main gun blasted out a round at the Soviet vehicle. The loader turned and grabbed another round from the ready rack. Both M1s on either side of his tank fired in rapid one-two succession. White looked through the vision blocks near his hatch and caught sight of three burning T-62s.

The tank bounded up the hillocks and ran down the depressions as if it were a boat riding the waves of a frozen ocean. White felt his gut drop as they charged up another incline, only to spot a milky contrail to his right.

"Missile " he shouted. "Incoming missile. Drive "

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