Isadora's Plight: A Love Story (Paperback)

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Based in London and the mystical village of Gobidy Goque, Isadora's Plight is the story of a young woman leading two very separate lives: one as the beloved daughter and heir of a deceased philanthropist with a lover who desperately wants her in his life, and the other as an anxious fairy who works with her friends to complete assignments meted out by the leaders of the secret village.

After three months with no contact with Isadora, Dominic, Isadora's love interest, hires Berwin, a private investigator, to find her. Berwin finds Isadora in her hometown, the Avalon. Dominic decides to confront Isadora at her home one weekend to get the status of their relationship out on the table. Berwin is at the airport when Dominic arrives, and he shares a strange story with his employer about a little red instrument that he believes is key to Isadora's disappearance.

While the men investigate, a man wearing a monocle, who happens to leave a little red instrument in an alley, which the men take, stalks them in their hotel and wherever they go in town. Meanwhile in London, Francesca, Dominic's housekeeper, discovers pictures of Isadora as she nurses her unreciprocated feelings for Dominic. Her curiosity about the competition leads her to the Avalon.

Soon Dominic, Berwin, and Francesca come together to search for the mysterious land, Gobidy Goque, where they think Isadora has disappeared. What the threesome does not know is that Isadora doesn't need rescuing, and she is not alone in her fight to restore balance in her second home.

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ISBN: 9781621833468
ISBN-10: 1621833461
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
Publication Date: October 10th, 2016
Pages: 238
Language: English