Somerset County: Crossroads of the American Revolution (Hardcover)

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Between the Watchung Mountains to the north and the Sourland Mountains to the west lies the fertile valley of the Raritan River. Stout Dutch, Huguenot, German, Scottish, and English settlers began to cultivate family farms here as early as the 1680s.
For almost a hundred years, the tramp of soldiers' feet and sounds of cannons had been unknown, but that was about to change. With its location astride two major routes between New York and Philadelphia, it is little wonder that Somerset County became the
"Crossroads of the Revolution." A friendly populace and the protection of the mountains made this a safe haven for General Washington's army. His soldiers
camped for three winters, including the harshest winter of the Revolution, in Somerset and in the adjacent areas of central New Jersey. Washington spent more time here than any other place during the War for Independence. It was in this historically
significant county that the first military academy in the nation was built, the 13-star flag was first flown over American troops after its adoption by Congress, and the "Regulations for the Infantry of the United States" was written by General von Steuben.
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