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Sexual Segregation in Ungulates: Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation (Wildlife Management and Conservation) (Hardcover)

Sexual Segregation in Ungulates: Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation (Wildlife Management and Conservation) By R. Terry Bowyer Cover Image
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Why does it benefit some male and female animals to live separately?

Sexual segregation, wherein the sexes of a species live apart for long periods of time, has far-reaching consequences for the ecology, behavior, and conservation of hooved mammals, which are called ungulates. Award-winning researcher R. Terry Bowyer has spent the past four decades unravelling the causes and consequences of this perplexing phenomenon by studying ungulates and the large carnivores that prey upon them.

In Sexual Segregation in Ungulates, Bowyer's critical, thought-provoking approach helps resolve long-standing disagreements concerning sexual segregation and offers future pathways for species and habitat conservation. He highlights important elements of the natural history of wild ungulate species, including bighorn sheep and elk. He then uses this perspective to frame and test hypotheses illuminating the motivations behind sexual segregation. He investigates the role of sexual segregation in mechanisms underpinning ungulate mating systems, sexual dimorphism, paternal behavior, and population dynamics.

Bowyer's research spans ecosystems from deserts to the Arctic and involves most species of ungulates inhabiting the North American continent. He also provides a timely review of sexual segregation for species of plants and other animals, including humans. Covering definitions, theory, findings, and practical applications of related study, Bowyer describes the behavioral patterns related to sexual segregation, explains how to detect these patterns, and considers the implications of sexual segregation for new approaches to conservation and management of ungulates and other species of wildlife.

This book is essential reading for scientists and all those interested in the conservation and management of species, including wildlife professionals, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and naturalists.

About the Author

R. Terry Bowyer (ESTACADA, OR) is Professor Emeritus of Wildlife Ecology and senior research scientist at the Institute of Arctic Biology of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. He has received the Distinguished Moose Biologist Award, the O. C. Wallmo Award for his studies of mule deer, and the C. Hart Merriam Award for his outstanding contributions to the science of mammalogy.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781421445069
ISBN-10: 1421445069
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date: November 15th, 2022
Pages: 200
Language: English
Series: Wildlife Management and Conservation