American Lives and Times: The Revolutionary War - from the French Alliance to York Town (Paperback)

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By Gerald Reilly (Editor)
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American Lives and Times, The Revolutionary War, from the French Alliance to York Town, is an anthology of contemporary newspaper articles and ads that chronicles the American Revolution from January, 1778 to October, 1781.

The United States had declared independency from Great Britain, but by the winter of 1778 their forces were struggling to feed and clothe themselves.

Talk began about an alliance with the French and by early spring news arrived that a treaty had indeed been signed and an alliance formed between France and the United States.

This recognition of the new American government caused other nations to likewise recognize the fledgling State, and for France to supply the Americans with the troops and naval forces that would be needed to defeat the British.

The interim strategy of the Continental troops and the militia was to engage and harass the British, as the strength of their forces would allow, then retreat to fight another day.

As the theatre of war moved South and our army grew stronger, at King's Mountain on October 7, 1780, the Americans attacked and defeated the British, causing them to retreat, and in their turn to become the hunted.

Benjamin Franklin's diplomacy with France provided critical support, and the French naval victory in the Chesapeake allowed General Washington to trap Cornwallis at York Town.

This book is an account of the Revolutionary War as it was happening. It describes life in the new United States, and the battles on land and on the seas, as America was born and history was made.

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