October Book Drive for Chicago Books to Women in Prison

We’re partnering with the all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization to give incarcerated women their most common requests, including books on wellness, entertainment, self-improvement, and goals and strategies for a successful post-prison life.

Chicago Books to Women in Prisons sends paperback books free of charge to incarcerated women nationwide. Women mail in their requests for books, then volunteers match each request from the stock of thousands of donated books. The group is dedicated to offering women with little or no access to books the opportunity for self-empowerment, education and entertainment that reading provides.

Our goal is to provide 200 books by the end of October. Let’s start by filling up the top shelf of a bookcase at the store. You can purchase books directly from the display at the store, from the genre links below, or simply make a cash/check donation and let us use it on the most-requested books.

Learn more at chicagobwp.org

***When purchasing your books, please choose the "In Store Pick-Up" option. We will deliver to Chicago Books to Women in Prison ourselves***