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Located in the heart of downtown Evanston, Illinois, Bookends & Beginnings opened in June 2014 in the space formerly occupied by legendary antiquarian store Bookman’s Alley. We offer new, used, and bargain books; unique, irresistible gift items; literary events; and lots of local color. READ MORE


03/28/2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

At noon on the 4th Tuesday of every month, a group of unabashed amateurs and non-specifically curious convene at Bookends & Beginnings to compare thoughts on a title in Oxford University Press's "Very Short Introduction" series. There are rules governing what we select for these conversations: 1.) a title under consideration may not be in anyone's area of expertise; and 2.) the title may have nothing to do with the last four titles read.

03/31/2017 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Once again, the RHINO poets will convene at Bookends & Beginnings for their monthly gathering. Special guests and the traditional open mic are also planned for the March 31 meeting. Once these plans have been finalized, look for them on the RHINO website. We will also post them on our Facebook page--or just call the store at 224-999-7722 for details!



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Our holiday catalog is now live! To browse, click here. Titles are available in store as well as online.


Nina says: When Lucy's mother arrives at her hospital bed to comfort her in her mysterious illness, an intricate tapestry of familial emotions unfurls--but primary among them is the bottomless love/hate between mothers and daughters. The vastness that Elizabeth Strout encompasses in such a short, readable, seeminly simple narrative is just stunning.


Nina says: The newest edition to an international collection of cookbooks from the publisher Phaidon that are both biblical in their scope and works of art in and of themselves. This book completely transcends all the cliches of Mexican cuisine in the United States. 


Daytime Visions: An Alphabet, by Isol. Adapted into English by Isol and Elisa Amado. Enchanted Lion Books (New York). $17.95.

Jeff says: Argentinian artist Isol is a brilliant compositor of words and images--in fact, in her books they seem to flow into each other. Ink, for her, is both what's on a page, but also what octopuses squirt out--and so her ink-on-a-page is both. Typically for her, this ABC is far removed from other books of the genre where "C" is for "Cat." Letters stand for complete feelings or situations, so accompanying the letter "S" is an image of a mother bunny leading her baby who can just barely walk. Caption: "One more step." We have other books by Isol, equally ingenious.