Homegoing is a powerful first novel, a beautifully written tale of two half-sisters born in 18th century Ghana and six generations of their descendants, whose lives are shaped by slavery in Africa and America. Gyasi's depiction of village life in Ghana is full of rich detail and truly memorable, full-of-life characters. She doesn't shy away from the ugliest horrors or deepest sorroes, but Homegoing is infused with humanity, courage, and strength. I won't forget this story!





"History does not repeat, but it does instruct." 

Here are 20 lessons we can learn from Europe's various slide into totalitarianism during the 20th century. An important and very timely read!



We just wrapped up this years Evanston Literary Festival! Thank you to everbody who came out to celebrate at Bookends and Beginnings, the library, or any of the other great events.

If you attended any of the events please fill out this survey so that next year all the involved organizations can build on this year's successes.

If you missed this years festival, worry not, you can read all about it below and prepare yourself for even bigger things next year

Evanston comes alive with readings, live lit, and workshops. Featured speakers this year included Scott Turow, Angela Jackson, Alex Kotlowitz, Christine Sneed, Patricia Smith, Robin Ellis, Kevin Coval, Renee Rosen, Juan Martinez, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Aleksandar Hemon, Donna Seaman, Parneshia Jones, John Keene, Cathy Park Hong, Mary Barr, and many more.


Diversity Project

We are partnering with local nonprofit Evanston Cradle to Career on their Diverse Book Drive, intended to ensure that all Evanston children and youth have access to books this summer that excite them about reading and speak to who they are. From April 10 through June 5, Bookends & Beginnings will prominently feature a broad selection of culturally diverse children's books for ages Pre-K through Grade 7. We invite you to purchase these books for donation to the drive, either from our in-store display or from the Diversity Project Page. Our goal is to provide 500 books by the time school lets out on June 5!

You can find more information and the books available here!